Percy Jackson - Two Enlistments

For this soldier, joining up once wasn't enough!

Gunner Percy Jackson joined up with 182 (Camberwell) Brigade Royal Field Artillery in March 1915, giving his mother's address in Lower Marsh. Four days later he deserted. He was never apprehended by the military authorities.
Shortly after that, another Percy Jackson enlisted with 163 (West Ham) Brigade RFA, giving the address of his father, who lived in north London.
Was it the same man? The service records give not only the same name and identical vital statistics, but also the same very distinctive flag and snake tattoos that Jackson had on his arms.
This Gunner Jackson went Absent With Out Leave another five times before he went to France with his unit. He served there until wounded in action in 1918.
We can only speculate why Jackson deserted from his first unit so quickly. Did he not like the company? Had his friends joined up elsewhere? Was he trying to collect his enlistment bounty twice? What we do know is that in this case, desertion did not indicate an absolute determination not to serve.