East London Hospitals and the First World War

Hospitals throughout London served a vital role in the care of sick and wounded soldiers. The First World War put unprecedented strain upon local convalescent homes, hospitals, and asylums. The East End saw hospitals requisitioned in Mile End and Bethnal Green, however other hospitals such as the Sick Asylum in Stepney also responded to the call for beds.

This tour will explore the experiences of these hospitals, and how they coped with the strain placed upon them by the war effort, military authorities, and the displaced civilians that were left in the wake of this large scale shakeup of healthcare.

Mile End Infirmary in the First World War

London Metropolitan Archive (hereafter, LMA), STBG/ME/085/003 'Stepney Board of Guardians: Mile End. Finance Committee minute book: 12 Dec 1911 - 15 Aug 1918' LMA STBG/ME/094/037 through STBG/ME/094/041 'Letters from Local…

Poplar and Stepney Sick Asylum Memorial

The Poplar and Stepney Sick Asylum itself was not immune to individual loss of life as a result of the war. Seven members of staff died in the conflict. Their names are remembered on the memorial plaque that is now located within the St Andrews Ward…